Lisa 2/5 Startup Problems

From: Adam Jenkins <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 00:52:51 1997

I've got one of these too - beautiful computers, wonderfully engineered.

>Opening up the case I saw one problem the four batteries need replacement,
>and are starting to corrode. Any idea's on where replacements can be found?

Always check for this. A very common problem is that the batteries corrode
and kill the motherboard.

>The button above the keyboard jack doesn't seem to function properly, it
>lights up, but I can't turn the computer off using it, it simply resets it.

Are you running it as a Mac XL or as a Lisa? Again, this is a common
problem with the XL OS, and occurs on mine. Although not wise, I found
switching it off at the power supply was the only solution. It does seem
to work while booting up though - just not while in the OS.

>However, if I go to the menu, and let it sit for a little while the light
>comes on solid on the profile drive. I can then tell it to start from that
>disk, then the screen goes dark, the profile disk whirrs a couple times
>(the disk is nice and quite, moreso than a lot of more modern drives).

Note that it takes a while for the ProFile to reach operating speed. Until
the red light is on solidly, do not start your Lisa - wait until you get a
solid light before turning it on. That should solve at least some of your

>Are there disk images of the boot disks available anywhere? I gather there
>is a program on the Apple site
> that will let you
>create them, but I haven't had any luck searching. I would almost assume
>they are on a Apple server somewhere since pre-System 7.1 MacOS, and the OS
>for the Apple II is there.

You should be able to get them, but I am afraid I know not where. However I
had heard that Sun Remarketing had the OS for the Lisa, including the
original Office 7/7, or whatever it was called. You should perhaps contact

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