Leaky Batteries (was: Lisa 2/5 Startup Problems)

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Sep 17 10:39:02 1997

David H Quackenbush wrote:

> Hi,
> You might also want to try a product like "CLR" (calcium, lime and rust
> remover), it and products like it contain glycolic and phosphoric acids.
> It works a little slower than Muiratic acid, but it's much safer. BTW:
> Phosphoric acid finds its' way into many of our food products from cola
> drinks to bread.

I'm not familar with glycolic acid but something in the back of my mind says
that phosphoric acid will attack either the copper or the solder. My
primary concern is to remove the battery residue without doing any
additional harm to the circuit board or components. Since you mention
safety, I am *assuming* in this whole discussion that the user if familar
with how to handle this stuff safely. The reasons I only use *drops* of the
muriatic acid are 1) you don't need much more than a few drops to neutralize
the residue, and 2) it is safer to use since if spilt, a small amount of
water will dilute it to the point where it is not hazardous. Good point to
mention though!
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