Possible SGI rescue in LA

From: Scott Ware <s-ware_at_nwu.edu>
Date: Wed Sep 17 10:46:16 1997

I just spotted the following message on comp.sys.sgi.hardware. The 3130
and 3120 are among the last of the 68020-based SGI systems, while the
4D/70 and 4D/60 are MIPS R2000-based. If anyone in LA can arrange a
rescue but can't find homes for all 5, I'm interested in at least one of
these (particularly the 3130), provided that shipping to Chicago could be

Scott Ware                      s-ware_at_nwu.edu
--begin included news posting--
Subject: SGI Boatanchors: 50$ For all
Keywords: 4d/70 4d/60 3130
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 20:05:44 GMT
Sender: dgidez_at_netcom.netcom.com
I have the following systems, 50$ takes all provided you pick them ALL
up and move them by yourself:
2 - SGI 4D/70
1 - SGI 3130
Non Working:
1 - SGI 4D/60 (Needs Hard Drive)
1 - SGI  3120 (really not tested)
Addtional Items:
3 - 19" Monitors Color (Working)
Irix for all machines on 1/4 tape
Manuals for the 3130s
Systems Located in Los Angeles
Email to: dgidez_at_netcom.com
PS. Depending on when you pick them up, I may be willing to waive the 50$
    in exchange for one 1mile move of 4 small boxes and a table (no
    guarantees though)...
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