Apple III booting Irregularity

From: Rob Bedeaux <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 14:39:45 1997

Hi all:::

Just acquired an Apple III with 256k ram and a Titan III + IIe board.
When I power it up I get a beep and the ram test begins. After this the
screeen fills with text, sits for a minute and then goes back to the ram
test. If I hit the reset button, it will boot up. Is this normal. If I
tried pulling out the Titan cards, but then it doesn't even get that far
(Just some hires graphics giberish.) Is the 6502 on the titan board?
Finally, I read somewhere that you can replace the 6502 on the titan card
with a 65c02 for enhanced //e support. Any ideas if this is fact or

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