Computer Pricing

From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Fri Sep 19 20:17:25 1997

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Marvin wrote:

> Sam Ismail wrote:
> > AuctionWeb, but once I saw that my items (some old common computers and
> > video game systems) were going for far more than I had anticipated, I
> > didn't bother, not caring what bidder ended up with whatever high bid.
> I am starting to find the pricing for *some* of the older computers far more
> than I had imagined. My suspicions are that the value of the older
> computers is starting to rise as more and more people starting (finally!)
> thinking about the history of these things. For instance, I had no idea the
> Sol would go for the price it did although it seemed very complete. The Old
> Computer Auction Web had some pricing that I thought high, but I am seeing
> the same type of thing in other places. I still get given quite a bit of
> stuff, but it is declining as I see more and more people looking at the 386
> as old :).
While at WeirdStuff today I was talking with the owners. They told me
that most people are not willing to pay enough over scrap value to
make it worth their time and effort to sell old machines. If you call
them looking for specific parts or machines, they will sell them to
you, but they scrap old stuff pretty quickly.

As soon as the demand becomes great enough to make it worthwhile for
stores like WeirdStuff to sell old machines, the prices will be at
a level where collecting will become expensive. More machines will
be saved from the landfill and scrapers, but then again I won't be
adding as many to my collection each year.

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