Computers in Movies (was: War Games)

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 02:37:01 1997

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>First, why use a 300 baud acoustic coupler (which strangely seems to
>operate at 300, 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200 and 38400 during different
>scenes) when you've got a perfectly good 1200 baud direct connect sitting
>on the monitor?
On a similar note, Anyone else notice that Messrs. Redford, Poitier, et al
were using an Atari 830 300bps Acoustic Coupler for their super-duper,
high-tech, bounce-around-the-world phone call to James Earl Jones?

And in True Stories, the talking heads guy (whose name I can't remember this
late at night) ran into the nerd from Varicor in the mall as he was coming
out of a store loaded down with 8-bit atari stuff.

And in Terminator 2, the scientist is working at his desk full of Atari
16-bit stuff (including at least a TT) when the kid's mom tries to blow him
away. When he does finally bite the big one, it's in a room full of old HP
7925 & 7933 disk drives -- Could it be coincidence that just before T2 came
out, HP was having a big promo to turn those in as trade-ins on newer
drives? I don't think so!

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