Not Sam, CRL (was: For Sam Ismail)

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 02:27:45 1997

At 09:38 PM 9/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Sam I've been trying to send message to you for over a week. I get yours but
>can't reply. Here is a sample of what I get.

The problem is that CRL (Sam's and My provider) has arbitrarily decided to
cut off incoming mail from various providers. Juno, Earthlink, probably
others. They claim it's because they want to stop spam, but not only do I
still get 10+ spams a day, but I get it with From: addresses that they've
supposedly blocked.

Meanwhile, my sister. friends, and clients cannot send me e-mail. Sam can
be reached at <> and I can be reached at
<>. I dunno if Paul Coad has another e-mail address or
not (He's on CRL too.)

>>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=1961
><<< 550 Access denied
>554 <>... Service unavailable

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