CRL, DG Nova, apple IIe was: Not Sam, CRL)

From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 03:04:06 1997

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Uncle Roger wrote:

> At 09:38 PM 9/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >Sam I've been trying to send message to you for over a week. I get yours but
> >can't reply. Here is a sample of what I get.
> The problem is that CRL (Sam's and My provider) has arbitrarily decided to
> cut off incoming mail from various providers. Juno, Earthlink, probably
> others. They claim it's because they want to stop spam, but not only do I
> still get 10+ spams a day, but I get it with From: addresses that they've
> supposedly blocked.

They don't seem to be blocking the worst offenders (cyberpromo and
friends). 3 or 4 years ago CRL was very good. They answered the
phone and messages to, and even did things for
their users. Things are not as good now.

> Meanwhile, my sister. friends, and clients cannot send me e-mail. Sam can
> be reached at <> and I can be reached at
> <>. I dunno if Paul Coad has another e-mail address or
> not (He's on CRL too.)

I can be reached at as well. October will likely
be my last month with CRL. If I unsubscribe at CRL and then resubscribe
at my new ISP will I loose my "third guy on the list" status?

Classic computer stuff:

It looks like I'll be getting a DG Nova 3 soon. My first mini!
Any advice on moving a Nova other than bring some friends?
I know that it has a fixed/removable hard disk. I do not know
the model. Is there a way to lock the heads? Do they need to
be locked?

The guy I'm getting it from also is interested in selling his Apple IIe.
It has:

Waldo board (sound card) working vut one of sensors has been damaged
CP/M board with Digital Research CP/M
2 floppies,
Trinitron monitor
misc software (flight planning and project management)

The system is working. A quick look at the apple II marketplace
newsgroup showed that the parts are possibly worth $50. But then
again I saw a complete IIe system with monitor and two drives for
$15 at a thrift store recently. How much are IIe's going for
these days?


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