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From: Romagnoli Riccardo <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 21:14:01 1997

At 07.57 24/09/97 +0200, you wrote:
>Found this on the web today, don't know where he is located but whoever
>is in that area might like to make contact with him....
>> Attention: We are interested in purchasing your obsolete electronic
>> equipment and other expendable assets. Since 1984, SGS Computer
>> Corporation has been designing custom programs for those assets that no
>> longer have value to your organization. We buy PCís to mainframes,
>> circuit boards to test equipment. We can pay on a per pound basis when
>> approximate. We can remarket your items whenever possible for
>> additional revenue.
>> We take it all!! We donít cherry pick. (Larger quantities are
>> encouraged)

Here recyclers like this buy electronic scraps just for squeeze all the
precious metals are contained
in boards.


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