On the hunt at Goodwill . . . .

From: Romagnoli Riccardo <chemif_at_mbox.queen.it>
Date: Wed Sep 24 21:16:14 1997

The previous message contained my employee's name and adress (WRONG), sorry.

>At 13.44 23/09/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>You have to keep in mind though, that this Thrift Store stuff is
>>strictly "as-is". If it dosen't work, or if it's flakey, tough luck
>>guy, you bought it.
>Ah, ok if it is "as is" (that here clearly mean "it's broken") 10 $ or
less are ok.
>>Having been burned numerous times by paying too
>>much for junk that flat out didn't work, I have resolved NEVER to pay
>>more than $10 for disk drives (of any sort).
>I FULLY AGREE (and been burned too).
>>You know somebody who would pay $60 for a USED 1541? Hm, I wonder how
>>hard it is to get past Italian Customs . . .
>Yes, this is the real trouble.
>It depends how "expert" is the man in charge to controll stuff.
>If he recognize the stuff as used and "out-of-fashion" he will probably be
human; otherwise it will cost
>as gold.

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