Goodwill Stuff

From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Fri Sep 26 18:53:34 1997

I was at the Goodwill today and came across a couple interesting finds.
The problem is that I'm trying not to accumulate any more of this stuff.
If someone is interested in one of these, maybe we can work it out. I am
in Central CA so shipping is kind of a pain for me. I guess you could
make me an offer then I'll see if I can get it, then we'll do a deal.
I'd just like to make it worth my trouble.

I didn't buy these so if you're interested, send me an offer I guess.
I'll cruise over there tomorrow and see if they're still around. Hate to
see them get tossed. Email me before 9 AM PDT tomorrow or I doubt if
I'll get over there again until middle of next week.

TI 99/4 Expansion Module. Big heavy sucker. Has a floppy in it and an
interface cable.

Osborne Executive portable, works, KB, 5" (or so) amber monitor.
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