For Greg Mast

From: John Ott <>
Date: Fri Sep 26 20:43:27 1997

Hello -

I hate posting to the group but you didn't include an email address.

How much were they asking for the Expansion module? As I live near
Chicago (100 miles east), I can't pay too much since shipping won't
be cheap.


> I was at the Goodwill today and came across a couple interesting finds.
> The problem is that I'm trying not to accumulate any more of this stuff.
> If someone is interested in one of these, maybe we can work it out. I am
> in Central CA so shipping is kind of a pain for me. I guess you could
> make me an offer then I'll see if I can get it, then we'll do a deal.
> I'd just like to make it worth my trouble.
> I didn't buy these so if you're interested, send me an offer I guess.
> I'll cruise over there tomorrow and see if they're still around. Hate to
> see them get tossed. Email me before 9 AM PDT tomorrow or I doubt if
> I'll get over there again until middle of next week.
> TI 99/4 Expansion Module. Big heavy sucker. Has a floppy in it and an
> interface cable.
> Osborne Executive portable, works, KB, 5" (or so) amber monitor.

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