Nicolet 290 needs home

From: Ken Harbit <>
Date: Sat Sep 27 01:14:45 1997

Found this on alt.folklore.computers

 We have a working (or at least it was) Nicolet 290 computer. that
 need to vacate the room its been taking up for the last 20+ years.
This system is rigged up as a test bench for an MRI system (that's
all still there too) and we have all the manuals, disk packs, paper
tape programs, banks of core memory etc etc.. I plan to do a small
inventory of the parts and pieces but if I don't find it a home soon
it'll get smashed up.
 Does anyone know anything about these computers? I have no idea what
else they may have been used for or how rare this thing is. Anything
anyone knows about it could be helpful towards finding it a proper
home. BTW.. Size wise you're looking at a large console with a plotter
built in and a short 19 inch rack plus many boxes of disk packs
(Diablo) and manuals.

 Ken Montgomery
 CSU Sacramento (Ken Montgomery)

I've never heard of a Nicolet 290... What is it?

Ken Harbit
Received on Sat Sep 27 1997 - 01:14:45 BST

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