Prices (Re: DEC PDP-11's, Peripherals, Docs, Unix, etc. for sale; L.A.,CA.)

From: c <>
Date: Sat Sep 27 12:15:55 1997

I'm sorry, I don't know what this stuff is worth. I bought my PDP-11 stuff
when it was still worth something. I paid $5,000 for the 11/45, and $1,000
for the Emulex SC21/B1, to make a home Unix system in 1983.

Just ignore my prices and make any offer. Did I hear an offer of $30 + shipping
for the SC21/B1? ??

Buy the way, I already sold about 15 items (mostly stereo stuff) from this list
at almost the prices I asked. So on the computer stuff, please ignore my prices,
but try to pay me enough to crate it up if you are not able to pick it
up in L.A.

From: Zane H. Healy <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers <>
Subject: Re: DEC PDP-11's, Peripherals, Docs, Unix, etc. for sale; L.A.,CA.
Date: Friday, September 26, 1997 10:26 PM

>> FLOPPY DISK DRIVE, DSD, 2 8" floppies in 10" rack box, runs a=20
>> PDP-11, copy of DEC RX01, $95. Optional: RT-11 set, source,
> ^^^^^^^
>> XXDP Diagnostics, on floppies
>If Mentec gets wind that you're selling the source to a still-supported
>operating system like RT-11, you better get a lawyer - and a good one!

Well he did say he was planning on leaving the country! :^)

Actually he's been trying to sell this stuff for quite some time, I first
saw this when I was doing a search on 19" racks and DejaNews pulled it up,
I think that was in July.


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