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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Sep 28 11:57:27 1997

Ok, here's some of what I arrested into the custody of my collection

A zero-emission Mac 512K. This is truly bizarre. Its a normal looking Mac
512K until you look closer and notice there is a second built-in floppy
on the right-hand side, oriented vertically. The brightness knob is
missing from the front and replaced with a little square that is the same
color and texture as the rest of the case. It was moved to the back.
The power cord is not detachable like on a normal Mac but is instead
permanently attached. The external disk drive connector is gone, and so
is the slot where you can insert a security cable; its covered over.
Opening this thing is half-past a bitch and a quarter till a pain in the
ass. I finally get it open by removing all the screws on the DB-9
connectors on the back and find a totally shielded interior. The disk
drives and motherboard are encased in aluminum. The monitor has a gold
foil pasted to its entire exterior. The video cable is shielded inside a
heavy duty stranded shielding, as well as the cable going to the second
disk drive. Even the DB-9 connectors have extra shielding around them.
It was made by a company called Systematics General in Sterling,
Virginia. Anyone know anything about these?

I also collected several DEC boards I am assuming go to a PDP-11.
Someone help me identify these:


M8045 - 32K 18 BIT MOS MEM (guess that one is pretty obvious)
 (note: I have two of these. On the board they have M8045 but on the
  front tab one says M8044 DF and the other M8044DB)
M7957 - ASYN MUX
M7551-CA - Definitely looks like a memory board
M7136 - LPWR GS-2 (?) This one has a busted chip but upon close
   examination it looks like the IC is still intact with the spider-web
   fine wires still attached to the wafer. Half the silicon is missing
   but I can still see its an AMD chip. Looking at the front of the card
   with the edge connectors down, its on the bottom row of chips, third
   chip from the left. Looks like it starts with AMPALI5R?? Next row of
   numbers is 84H90 maybe?
Can't find the part number on this next one but its clearly labelled RDRX
M7135 - ??? This one has five 24 pin chips with lots of gold with a big
square chip next to them. A scrappers dream with all the gold on this
USDC (this is what is stamped on the board). All I can see of this board
is 10-1108-02, with the 02 being scrawled into a solder pad. Has an AMD
8418 and what looks to be a Fairchild MBL8086-2 (CPU?) on it. I only say
Farichild because it has an F with a line above and below it. Also has a
couple 64K EPROMS. Finally, it has a 50 pin connector on the top (don't
know what its type is called but it looks like ::::::::::::::::::).

These boards were sitting in a scrap bin and some are pretty scuffed up.
I don't even know if they work. Some need some solder repair work.
All are pretty much in tact. The only major damage is that one broken PAL.

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