an interesting round-up

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Sep 28 12:19:08 1997

Sam Ismail wrote:

> Ok, here's some of what I arrested into the custody of my collection
> yesterday.
> A zero-emission Mac 512K. This is truly bizarre. Its a normal looking
> Mac
> 512K until you look closer and notice there is a second built-in floppy
> on the right-hand side, oriented vertically. The brightness knob is
> missing from the front and replaced with a little square that is the same
> color and texture as the rest of the case. It was moved to the back.
> The power cord is not detachable like on a normal Mac but is instead
> permanently attached. The external disk drive connector is gone, and so
> is the slot where you can insert a security cable; its covered over.
> Opening this thing is half-past a bitch and a quarter till a pain in the
> ass. I finally get it open by removing all the screws on the DB-9
> connectors on the back and find a totally shielded interior. The disk
> drives and motherboard are encased in aluminum. The monitor has a gold
> foil pasted to its entire exterior. The video cable is shielded inside a
> heavy duty stranded shielding, as well as the cable going to the second
> disk drive. Even the DB-9 connectors have extra shielding around them.
> It was made by a company called Systematics General in Sterling,
> Virginia. Anyone know anything about these?

It sounds like a tempest computer. While someone else on the listserver
probably has more to say, as I recall they were designed to be able to run
classified material with zero emmisions so the information couldn't be
tapped from outside the machine. Nice find!
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