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From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Wed Apr 1 10:40:28 1998

At 04:39 AM 4/1/98 GMT, you wrote:
>>The way I see it, if they want to make sure the data doesn't get out, they
>>need to delete files.

Some days I can't even think straight... What I meant to convey is that
people should take responsibility for their data. If they care, they
should do something about it (even if it means calling the neighborhood

However, not doing that doesn't give anyone the right to turn around and
use that information... If I don't pull my shades, you don't have the
right to make a porno (horror?) movie of it. But, if I care about anyone
seeing my fat carcass, I should pull down my shades.

I do agree with the idea that we, as collectors, should hold ourselves to a
higher standard. If we want folks to continue to pass machines our way, we
need to make sure they feel comfortable about doing it. (Just as I
wouldn't look up what drugs someone is getting from Long's, or what medical
problems someone had when I was working with Aetna Health Plans; I want
them to feel comfortable hiring me again in the future.)

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