To restore or not to restore...

From: Scott McLauchlan <>
Date: Thu Apr 2 02:25:05 1998

I collect home micros, and I recently acquired a Mac 128K. However, it's
been quite heavily modified with contemporary third-party add-ons. It's
been taken up to 1M RAM and it's had a SCSI interface installed.

The memory has been taken up to 512K by removing the 64K x 1 bit RAM chips
and replacing them with 256K x 1 bit chips, plus adding a few discrete
components (not hard, considering the 128K and 512K Macs shared the same PC
board). It has then been taken up to 1M by adding a third-party 512K RAM
expansion board, which plugs into one of the RAM sockets (the chip it
displaces being installed onto the expansion board), and is connected to
the address decoding by several flying leads.

The SCSI interface has been installed by removing the ROM chips, plugging a
daughterboard into the empty ROM sockets, and plugging the ROM chips into
the daughterboard. The SCSI socket replaces the cover over the battery in
the back of the Mac.

So, my question is, should I:

1) Leave it as it is;

2) Remove the SCSI interface (easy, just remove the daughter board, take the
   ROM chips out of it and put them back into the motherboard's ROM sockets);

3) Remove the SCSI interface *and* the 512K RAM daughter board (not *too*
   desolder the flying leads (taking note of where they go to, just in case I
   want to reinstall the board), remove the board from the RAM chip's socket,
   remove the RAM chip from the daughterboard and put it back in the
   motherboard's now-empty RAM socket);

4) Take it back to original condition (quite difficult, as well as
   steps 1)and 2) it involves desoldering 16 256K x 1 bit RAM chips, (plus
   few discrete components) and soldering in 16 64K x 1 bit RAM chips).

What are people's opinions on this?


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