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From: David Wollmann <>
Date: Thu Apr 2 12:08:34 1998

At 06:25 PM 4/2/98 +1000, you wrote:
>I collect home micros, and I recently acquired a Mac 128K. However, it's
>been quite heavily modified with contemporary third-party add-ons. It's
>been taken up to 1M RAM and it's had a SCSI interface installed.
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Personally, I am fascinated with "aftermarket" enhancements because they
personalize the piece somewhat. This goes back to my first computer, PCjr
"Frankenstein." A PCjr with 640K, MS bus rat, parallel port, 10MB disk,
2400 bps USR Courier, running Fido.

I would try to grab documentation, marketing materials, etc. for all the
add-ons--this would make for some real fun, IMO.

Just in case, do as someone else suggested and try to grab all the factory
parts that might be missing.

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