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Date: Thu Apr 2 15:57:35 1998

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>Of course you can just put 4 AA cells in the machine :-)

   That's too easy!

>> That's all I'd need to know. I am quite used to building PSUs on such a
>> spec. Or less. (Actually I'd look inside to see whether it needs to be
>> regulated, but 6V seldom does).
>I have a Model 100 Technical Manual, and the external PSU for that
>machine is certainly not regulated. It's a typical wall-wart type of

  I figures that it was. I just needed to know if it was AC or DC and what

>The PSU in the M100 is a fairly complicated switching regulator providing
>+/-5V from the 6V supply. I would guess the M102 is similar.
>> The model 100 I've seen for 100 or more UK pounds over here. I don't
>> know what additional features were in the 102; I also don't think I

   100 pounds! Wow! You should buy all of these and resell them!

>IIRC the M102 was a smaller machine that used standard 8K RAM chips
>rather than the 4-2K-RAM hybrids used on the M100. Apart from that it was
>very similar.

  Actually the machines are the same size. The PF keys are deeper on the
102 and it has a "System Expansion" port on the back. Other than that it
appears to be the same externally.

  I had so many people asking about the Radio Shack computers that I went
back down there and got them. Unfortunately someone else had already
beaten me to it and had gotten all of the model 102s but one. But here's
what I got:

 1) TRS model 100 this one is missing a row of pixels in the display but
it's still readable without any problem. It's also missing the name plate
on the top left. The missing row of pixels is probably due to a loose
connection but I'm not going to fool with it.
 2) , 3) & 4) TRS model 100, nothing wrong with any of these three.
 5) TRS model 102, perfect and has the black Tandy 102 embossed case. On
the outside, this one appears to be the same as the model 100 but it has a
"System Expansion" port on the back.
  6) An extra case similar to the one on the 102 but this one is marked
"Tandy 200"
  7) A telephone cable to connect the MODEM in one of these to a standard
phone jack. It has a 8 pin DIN plus that fits the MODEM post and two phone
cords coming out of it. There is also what appears to be a dummy female
connector that fits over the male connector.

      All of these have ivory colored cases and are in excellent condition
and work fine (except for the row of pixels on #1). All of them are clean
and have no scratches on the case or displays or any corrosion. I tested
all of them on AC power and they all appear to work fine. Most of them
still have programs and data files where it looks as if they were being
used to track permit requirements for building new houses.

  I will take $50 plus shipping on the computers ($40 for the one missing
the label) and best offer on the extra pieces. Or I will trade for HP
computer or calculators (even 9100s :-) Of course, the bigger orders get


>> Philip.
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