Serial Mouse Drivers?

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Date: Thu Apr 2 16:05:33 1998


To how good the 2.0 M$mouse compatiable with mouse drivers, I used
that IBM mouse driver that supports either: busmouse, serial and
PS/2. OLD! but very tiny 10K and rock-solid driver on that one and
worked. But I hate 2.0x at any rate due to comfort and requires
stupid frequent cleaning! So often every week or so where I have not
did one for weeks on my mitsumi and much better in comfort of holding
that mouse.

Just a comment.

Jason D.
PS: i have the busmouse msmouse version, (dovebar shape with feather
light switches). Tis' one is nice too but too bad fouled up in 2.xx
versions. Don't brother with cheapo mouses that has brass rollers
(some usually are chromed) Rubber and human oil/acid/sweat salts
corrodes those very quick in at least a year or so. Either Stainless
or smooth-mirror not flat/matte (that causes rapid build up) plastic
Pero, Jason D.
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