To restore or not to restore... (fwd)

Date: Thu Apr 2 21:03:01 1998

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<< > I collect home micros, and I recently acquired a Mac 128K. However, it's
> been quite heavily modified with contemporary third-party add-ons. It's
> been taken up to 1M RAM and it's had a SCSI interface installed. >>

whenever i find a computer that's been modified, i leave it as is. for
example, i have a mac512 with a internal hard disk called a hyperdrive. quite
a clever setup and i also have an apple ][+ with an aftermarket encoder board
which gave autorepeat, macros, type ahead, and all the characters that the //e
could do. i also have a mac IIcx with a 68040 processor board. i keep all
modifications as they themselves are worth as much as the computer itself and
provide personality to the machine.

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