ISA-PCI Conversion possible? (About MS's PC 98 Specs)

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Date: Sat Apr 4 13:07:33 1998

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> << OK.. I've been thinking about this for a while. ISA's going to die, at
> least according to MS's PC '98 specs. Knowing how most designers comply to
> MS's hardware design, it looks like ISA's future is dim. Now, on top of all
> the old ISA cards I've collected, I just got an AWE 64, and my scanner and
> PCMCIA cards are ISA-based. So, is it possible to make a device that will
> make an ISA card fit into a PCI socket? Is anyone making them? >>
> this question seems to be similar to another problem; people want to use isa
> cards in a mca machine, and it's just not possible. best just to keep a legacy
> machine around since it seems there will always be isa cards around. gee,
> gotta love that pc97 criteria. silent posting and no memory count? harrrrumph,
> really good for problem determination! 8-\
> david


Overheard that PC99 specs would be closed up and open one isa slot
but not allowed to put anything there. Only allows user expandable
via pcmcia type and like.


I perfer the informative post codes, phoenix style and famous HP
multi-beeps/boops and liked the way the IBM use the post code in hex
format when booting up on later series of their machines.

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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