Good Finds

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sat Apr 4 18:25:10 1998

This week has been pretty good and I picked up over 40 items, what follows
is just a short list of the items I think are worth mentioning.
PC1512DD Amstrad system complete with monitor, kb, and manuals not tested yet;
IBM PS/2 8580-121 tower not tested yet;
digital PC278-A DecMate II with two system diskettes not tested yet;
Compaq Portable II not tested yet;
Apple Mono Monitor IIe Platinum new in box with all papers and cords;
Prim LTS300 Terminal Server;
The Designer Pencil cartridge;
HP 9121 not test yet;
Apple High resolution Mono works great;
IBM terminal 8535150 I think is the number;
AED Colorware 767 TT;
digital monitor VR290-DA;
PixelView II monitor by Mirror;
Toshiba T1000XE with everything manual, extra new batteries, etc;
Portac unit;
Sharp CE-150 printer and cassette unit;
Sharp CE-159 program module;
Many other items that will go into the museum someday. Keep Computing !!
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