SCSI Termination

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Apr 5 12:07:54 1998

Bruce Lane stated:
>Zane Healy proclaimed...
>>Basically I've got a really stupid question, does the external SCSI bus
>>HAVE to be terminated? If so any idea's on how to go about doing that
>>without finding a DEC terminator?
> The only "stupid" question is the one you keep to yourself. ;-)
> To answer; yes, you must have termination at both physical ends of
>bus for reliable operation. If the DEC terminator you mention is the one
>I'm thinking of, I've looked on the insides and have not been impressed.
>They're simple passive terminators, suitable for short runs and low speeds.
> What device is it you're seeking termination for?

It is a VAXstation 3100 m30, however based on earlier posts, and some close
examination of the external socket (it looks like it's never had a
terminator). I went ahead and gave it a try. It's chugging along nicely
behind me right now, and I had it up most of last night. The only problem
I've had so far was hitting the CTRL-S on the VT420 and locking it up (this
was only a problem because I didn't realize I'd done it so I didn't do the

I've got a 68-pin terminator, but it's male, and unlike normal ports the
one on the VAX is male. In any case as long as I stick with the internal
bus I think I'm OK.


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