VAXstation 3100 M30

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Apr 5 12:14:30 1998

>> much to my surprise and pleasure it has 16Mb of RAM. Of course it's only
>> running VMS 5.3 on a pair of RZ-23's, but hey it's faster, smaller and
>> quieter than my MV2! Now to get a better Hard Drive, and add a CD-ROM.
>& try NetBSD ....

Why? I got the machine to run VMS.

I've tried to get it to boot netboot a VS2000, a friend has tried to get it
to boot his MV2 from TK50, and we've both tried to get it to boot his
MV3100 from TK50. We both did this following the various bits on info on
how to do this and with the FAQ in hand. I wasn't impressed. I'll stick
to Linux on Intel.


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