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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Apr 5 21:48:44 1998

<Are you saying that a 486 is only faster than a 286 because of the

No I'm saying without the cache is run as slow as a 286! The reson is it
has to wait for ram data at the ram data rates. That's 70ns in my 486
and the faster 286s used 80ns ram so the end up running about the same
speed. The cache is to allow near continious reading fo ram data even
when the processor is not reading in in advance of need. By doing that
and using fast page read mode data can be fed to the cpu to support the
higher speed.

<>Funny I have unix v7 running on a PDP11 with only 256kb of ram. it can
<be done.
<Isn't v7 the latest UNIX distribution?

No. It's PDP-11 circa 1980ish. It was followed later by 2.9bsd and

<I once had an old 386 with a 20MB MFM hard drive and 2MB RAM. Windows
<ran OK, but Word 2.0 ran very poorly. Strange that I've never seen
<3.0. Is it rare?

Not so much rare as short lifetime between it'release and 3.1s release.

<Actually, Windows 3.0 came with a copy of MS-DOS executive, the
<precursor to the program manager, while 3.1 didn't. That's not

Funny my copy of 3.0 has program manager. MSDOS executive is a different
tool. It compete against Quarterdedk, and Norton commander.

<have to disable it for Windows 95, which needs at least 7.0. I have
<DOS 3.3, and it's a good DOS. If only it had MOVE...I can send anyone
<who wants them some copies. I THINK I have four more boxes. Five are
<already spoken for.

I have 3.3, 5.0 and 6.22. Move from 5.0 runs under 3.3.

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