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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Apr 5 01:09:59 1998

On 5 Apr 98 at 13:20, Allison J Parent wrote:

> <> Would a SCSI card be an option so I could put in 1.2 and/or 1.44 fdds
> HUH? Neither of these are an helped/hindered by the 386. SCSI is not
> needed to run 1.44/1.2 FDDs. You can put scsi in there even when it was
> an plain xt. To run the bigger floppies you need a controller that will,
> most XT controllers will not. JDR and JAMCO sell a board that will do up
> to 2.88 drives in a XT slot.
> FYI I've hacked the leading edge (xt) I have to include most of what you
> mention including a 20meg WD hardcard. It's MONO/herc, 20meg hardcard,
> 1.44 floppy, multi-IO (two serial, two LPT, game). Runs dos6.22
> and I've had windows3.1 to prove it runs.
> Allison
  The idea behind the SCSI card is to run larger fdds internally and also a
EZ135 ext. that I use now on several different platforms (Atarias , Mac, PC,
etc.) as needed . I could also chain other peripherals.

ciao larry
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