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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Apr 5 01:10:00 1998

On 5 Apr 98 at 11:17, Allison J Parent wrote:

> <up comes an Intel flashscreen
> < Inboard 386 PC
> < Vers 1.1 02/17/89
> < Intel Corporation
> Same beast I have in my Leading Edge XT.
 It has a socket for a coprocesser did you try that upgrade ? They're pretty
cheap now.

> <recognize Very rudimentary Auto and Config usual but with inbrdpc.sys
> < Of course I quickly pop it open No HD !!??
> Don't lose those files!
 Yeah, I pulled every thing that looked like a file belonging to the H-C and
the intel and backed up on disk.

> <Snooper tells me it has 2 ser ports and 2 paral. configured and bench-mar
> <20mhz ( don't know how accurate Snoop's bench is but this sure beats an X
> It's warped. It's a 386/16 and that's all.
 Suspected as much I imagine Snoop gives just a general idea of it.

> < I was blown away I didn't think an XT much less a PC could be upgraded
> <without replacing the MB. And the Hard Card was gravy
> That's been going on for a while and there was a AT (286) version as well.
> < The possibilities are interesting. I'm wondering if I could beef up the
> <Put in an Extended Graphics Adapter (not Array) and hook up my 3270
> <type IBM monitor (5272). There's an interesting section in Que's "Upgradi
> IF it's ISA-8 you likely can.
  Any sources for this card ? I'll do a search on the net but several people
mentioned a 3270 card the last while on this list.

> < It would be neat if I could run Linux on it.

> No way! All the ram you have is the 1meg on the inboard and I think it
> used the 256k (maximum) on the mother as expanded mem. If yu can find the
> memory card that piggy backs to it you can add either a meg or maybe two
> to it. Nomantter what linux in less than 4meg would be poor and
> completely unrunable in under 2mb.
 Oh well, I guess it's back to planning the Linux install on my 10 meg 8580

> Windows 3.1 does run on it with the 1meg.

 I've got 3.1 running on a 1 meg PS/1 2011 with MSWorks , I find Wintel boring.
I want something a little more interesting. Maybe I'll put GEM on it.
> Allison
ciao (is this what set Enrico off ? )
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