Dick Smith System 80 S-100 Expansion Connections

From: Phil Guerney <Guerney_at_uq.net.au>
Date: Mon Apr 6 07:44:19 1998

I have just bought an almost-new condition fully kitted out Dick Smith
System 80 - this was an Australian-sold clone of the TRS-80.

The system consists of a console with included tape player, an S-100
expansion box and two 200K 5.25" floppy drives. The receipt dated September
1982 was in one of the boxes (all original packing) along with all
connectors. The expansion box contains an extra 32K RAM (total 48K) and
connecting cables to the main system, the two drives (each one a separate
stock item, one "Disk 0" and the other "Disk 1") and to a Centronics

Price asked in a charity shop was $10 each for the two big boxes and $5 each
for the two drives. Not too bad, and you can't argue too much when the money
is going to a good cause! But absolutely no documentation.

The basic system works OK. What I want to know is how to connect up the
expansion box to the main box and the drives. The connecting cables are
standard flat multi-strand cable with the Pin 1 side marked in red. But
which is Pin 1 at the connection blocks? I don't want to kill this
beautifully clean unit by connecting it up backwards! If someone could tell
me which end of each of the connection blocks on the back of the console, on
the S-100 box and on the disk drives is the Pin 1 end, I would be grateful.

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