Dick Smith System 80 S-100 Expansion Connections

From: Lawrence Wilkinson <ljw_at_formula1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue Apr 7 04:23:05 1998

In article <004101bd6159$bdf86c40$32f665cb_at_eve>, Phil Guerney
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>The basic system works OK. What I want to know is how to connect up the
>expansion box to the main box and the drives. The connecting cables are
>standard flat multi-strand cable with the Pin 1 side marked in red. But
>which is Pin 1 at the connection blocks? I don't want to kill this
>beautifully clean unit by connecting it up backwards! If someone could tell
>me which end of each of the connection blocks on the back of the console, on
>the S-100 box and on the disk drives is the Pin 1 end, I would be grateful.
Well, no-one else seems to have responded on the list, and maybe this
isn't much help, but I am sure there is really only one way of
connecting the expansion unit to the PC given that it sits behind, under
the monitor, and the connectors are then adjacent. It doesn't matter
which way round the cable itself goes as long as you don't manage to get
it to do a 180 degree twist.

The drive connectors should all be keyed, with the key near the pin 1
end. If you get them around the wrong way it shouldn't do any harm.

IIRC the expansion unit was pretty grottily made, so if you have trouble
it might be worth cleaning up all the connectors and reseating the ICs
in their sockets. I think one it goes the idea is to glue everything to
the table so the connecting cable isn't disturbed :-/
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