math coprocessors

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Apr 6 19:33:37 1998

On Apr 6, 17:15, Max Eskin wrote:
> Subject: Re: math coprocessors
> [Autocad not requiring math coprocessor]
> Well, version 12 for Dos, which is what I have, seems to require it.
> It refuses to start up, quitting with "80x87 required, but not
> present". Whoever said it doesn't, maybe you have a lower version.
> If so, which and what's it like? I would certainly be interested in
> an older version, such a 7 or 8.

Even fairly old versions require a maths copro. Some of my then-colleagues at
Acorn Computers were involved in negotiations with Autodesk in 1987, to get it
ported to the ARM architecture. AD ported Autosketch quite quickly, because it
doesn't need a maths copro, but they refused to port AutoCad, because they
insisted a maths coprocessor was essential (despite the fact that the software
routines available outperformed some contemporary maths processors).

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