Singleboard and peripherals for grabs (Northern CA)

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Apr 6 22:12:58 1998

<It's a Netronix 8085 SBC from around 1979 (I thought the 8085 came out a
<little later than that), with some sort of S-100 compatibility. He's
<faxing me a spec sheet tonight. I may pick this up if nobody else wants
<it, but I'll defer to somebody who's also interested in a (home made?)
<terminal and a small thermal (Telepar?) printer.

The 8085 is late '77 I built my Netronics8085 in mid '78. I used to
call on netronics. Mine is still in use as a Eprom programmer.

The system was motherboard based with bus expansion as S100. The CPU
was a 3mhz 8085. There was also a simple serial IO (bitbash) and casette
interface on the board along with an assortment of parallel IO. The base
board could be configured to take up to 8k of 2716 eprom (or 2116 2kx8
ram) and 4k of 2114 ram. The Northstar disk and PT-VDM1 worked very well
with it makes in very compact s100 system.

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