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From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Mon Apr 6 22:57:23 1998

At 11:47 PM 4/3/98 -0600, you wrote:
>> >* I'll return or destroy any personal data I find on a machine I acquire.
>> ...acquire, keeping it in the strictest confidence should I find it
>> necessary to view it.
>More like...if the person(s) that ditched the computer in whatever form
>feel the need to safeguard the information prior to release of their
>personal/corporate property, then it's of no reason to follow through with
>protection of data/software contained on the machine or disks. If you buy a

Except, that people may feel it's easier (and/or safer) to just destroy the
machine than it is to try and make sure no one can read their data. What
if some one told you, "yeah, I had one of those imsai computers, but I had
it smashed up to make sure no one could get at my old tax returns." Not a
pleasant thought.

I agree that people should be responsible for their own data, but I also
feel that we, as collectors, need to hold ourselves to a higher standard,
so that people will feel comfortable giving us their old machines.

Similarly, would you tell your analyst/doctor/lawyer as much as you do, if
you thought they might be telling everyone in the pub what you told them?

>camcorder at a consignment or pawn shop and the last owners left a tape of
>their after-hours playtime in the camcorder, is it my responsibility to
>safeguard or return it? I think not. I feel the same should apply to personal

It's your responsibility to post it on the internet! 8^)

Camcorders are reasonably well understood items; what if it were a digital
camera? Someone might decide not to pass it on if they thought they might
not have erased everything...

Most of the people here probably know how to wipe a hard drive so it can't
be read. (My best guess is a low-level format, then fill it with worthless
data? Good thing I have nothing to hide!) But the average AOL user
doesn't. When Grandpa passes on, you don't want the grandkids trashing all
his old computers because they don't know how to make sure that no one will
know about all the porno sites he visited on the web.

>Roger: Very nice page of your collection. A few more pics of each item and it
>should become a very informative source for those interested in the world of
>the obsolete (the computers, not you).

I tried to get pics of each side and any important features... You think
even more pics would be appropriate? Or do you mean pics of more computers?

P.S., for them what was interested, I'm still working (in my Copious Spare
Time) on documenting the programs I use to generate the pages. I'll post
when I get them finished and uploaded.

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