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Date: Tue Apr 7 08:31:17 1998

> I've got somebody willing to sell me a Hyperion portable, but shipping
> from Toronto to San Jose pushes the price a little bit beyond what I'm
> comfortable with. Three questions:
> 1) Anybody closer to SJ got one they're dying to get rid of?

Dunno, I have not seen anything with Hyperion attached to a old
portable outside of Canada, inside, pretty common around here I had 3
(!!) and seen at least 4 others, even repaired one (bad ram).

Well built chassis, amber flat screen tube, dual 320K but can format
360K 5.25" some came with modem option. Standard 256k ram but can go
to full 640K with a external card on that expansion port (aka bus).

Also it's almost 90% compatiable but locks tight on norton's sysinfo
memory scan. Disabling that feature allowed me to look around with
this program. Ran most programs pretty good on that V20 cpu.
Cool little item is that push-push power switch is lighted. If you
get one with burnt out lamp, replace this with resistor and a orange
LED. Original used incersencent lamp.

Nice little portable that can fit under the airline chairs. I
did saw that in their ad's pages of that period. :)

Jason D.

> 2) Anybody closer to Toronto dying to get one? ($40)
> 3) I rarely see these. Is that just because I'm not Canadian?
> (BTW, I've decided my life won't be complete without an Ampere WS1.
> Anybody know where I can get one?)
> -- Doug
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