NOS Bare Boards: What to do?

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Tue Apr 7 11:54:24 1998


Ok, I'm putting this up, and looking for opinions:

I have a NOS SwTPc 6800 MP-A CPU board. This was the first SS-50
6800 CPU available, and only the second 6800 CPU board of any stripe
available from anyone AFAIK (Moto was first, of course).

Here's the wrinkle: It's an unbuilt, BARE board. Given the somewhat
historic nature of this article, what would you do? Build it as
originally designed (most of the parts are still available), or
leave the board blank, as is?

For me, it is likely that it will remain unbuilt, as I already have
an MP-A2, and another (Fully assembled) MP-A. But I was toying with
the idea, when trying to repair my broken MP-A last nite.

I'll get the MP-A working again, but sometimes it's tempting to start
from scratch, given the opportunity.

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