NEC PC Engine HE System

From: Hotze <>
Date: Tue Apr 7 13:26:31 1998

Hello. Ive recntly gotten a NEC PC Engine system, about 6"x6"x1" in size.
It has a port that's around the size of a PS/2 port, but with different
connections. The system uses a cool-looking card system, labeled as HuCARD,
and I've got two games, PAC-LAND and a game that's entirely in Japanese
labeled as THEthen lots in Japanese, I'll try to scan it in later, in a
monocrome format.
    On the bottom, it says NEC PCEngine
Japanese, then at the far right, it says PI-TG001 , then one line down, more
Japanese writing, then at the far right, 4W writen. Then, another line
down, it has Japanese, then at the far right, (PAD-105,PAD-106)
Then there's an entire line of Japanese writing, then another line down, the
words MADE IN JAPAN. Below that, in another indent, is the number that was
pin-printed as 8Z14066H .
    At the right of the system, there's a port labeled ANT SWITCH, which I'm
guessing I connect to a TV monitor. There's no port for sound. On the same
location on the left, there's a thing labeled AC ADAPTER, which I don't
currently have. Can I use a Nintendo adapter for this? A Sega?
    Any information would be appriciated. BTW, the controller seems to be a
slightly-stylaziied version of an origional NES controller, with buttons
labeled II and I, in the place of A and B, a select and Run button (Run in
the place of Start) and a standard digital-arrow pad, as found on most
gaming systems.

Tim D. Hotze
Received on Tue Apr 07 1998 - 13:26:31 BST

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