NOS Bare Boards: What to do?

From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Tue Apr 7 14:57:17 1998

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> BTW: anyone remember a BYTE article on the SwTPC sometime in
> '78 regarding a very eary voice recognition and voice synth system
> connected to house controls? I seem to remember that the upshot of it
> was that it didn't work well and the poor author wound up showing off
> his undershorts because the system misrecognized a command and opened
> up the garage door at an inopportune time.... Maybe it was a Kilobaud
> issue???? I'm pretty hazy on this, but I remember it made a big
> impression on me as a kid.

Yes I remember the article (it was humor) because a friend asked if I
could build the same thing for him. I think it was Popular Electronics,
there were no tech details so I'm sure it wasn't BYTE or KILOBAUD.
Anyway, I was skeptical that it was real so I told my friend to contact
the author before I took any of his money. My friend contacted the
author for details. The author admitted he had embellished the
capabilities and the article was more fiction than fact, although
theoretically possible to do at the time.
        Jack Peacock
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