NOS Bare Boards: What to do?

From: J. Maynard Gelinas <>
Date: Tue Apr 7 18:00:54 1998

> Yes I remember the article (it was humor) because a friend asked if I
> could build the same thing for him. I think it was Popular Electronics,
> there were no tech details so I'm sure it wasn't BYTE or KILOBAUD.
> Anyway, I was skeptical that it was real so I told my friend to contact
> the author before I took any of his money. My friend contacted the
> author for details. The author admitted he had embellished the
> capabilities and the article was more fiction than fact, although
> theoretically possible to do at the time.

  No, we didn't have a subscription to popular electronics at the
  time - but we did subscribe to BYTE and Kilobaud. God, I wish Wayne
  Greene would reinvent Kilobaud... that was a _great_ magazine! What
  ever happened to him?

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