Recent Brother's Find, More PET info & 2.8mb floppy

From: Larry Anderson <>
Date: Mon Apr 6 20:54:49 1998

Last week my brother found me something (usually I am the one finding
'stuff' for him. An overhead projector LCD unit! (circa 1987 so it's
on-topic). It's a monochrome unit that approximates colors via greys but bhe
really cool thing about this display is it's inputs: RGB and Composite Video!
So next time I drag one of my Commodore 8-bits for a demo I have a an overhead
display unti that works with it! (tested it with a Commodore 128 -in 64 mode-,
the screen just fits in the visible area.) (manufacturer Computer Accessories)


Andre Fachat, another Commodore PET enthusiast has just opened his 'PET
Index'. Much of it is on his latest toy the CBM 8296 (the last of the PET
line -I think even after the SuperPET-) includes links to other valuable PET
information (such as my PET FAQ). A good place to bookmark if you have any
interest in PET computers:


   As far as anyone ever seeing a 2.8 mb floppy drive, yes, a friend of mine
has one, for the Commodore 8-bit! Creative Micro Designs (CMD) a thriving
Commodore peripheral, expansion, and accererator manufacturer for the
Commodore 64/128 had used them for the FD-4000 series disk drives. The drives
use ED (extended density?) disks (the high density hole is farther down than
on HD disks and there is an ED on the casing.) Unfortunately CMD had to drop
the line a couple years back due to the drive manufacturer dropping the model
as there was not a big enough demand for them. :/

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