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Date: Wed Apr 8 21:03:34 1998

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<< Joe wrote:
> The one thing that does piss me off is when people sell stuff on one of
> the high cost services like E-bay but place ads for it here. But I must
> admit that I've done it too.
 I would disagree with this as part of the continuing education in any
 collectable field is having some idea of what the market value is, and ebay
 certainly provides some guidance in that regard! >>

Well, i'd be willing to argue that. i dont think i would consider ebay to set
current market prices for anything. i have a friend who uses it, and he said
it's great for the seller if one is selling anything quasi-rare or semi-
unusual as the manic bidders want to outdo themselves and drive the prices way
up. he said i should sell my apple //c lcd screen on ebay as he said one went
for almost $400. besides, i have seen prices there fluctuate wildly anyway.

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