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From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Apr 9 02:01:00 1998

I guess this would depend on how the market perceives the pricing as seen on
ebay. The Altairs that recently sold there for about $1.5K seemed extremely
reasonable to me considering I was contacted a while back by someone wanting
to buy one of my Altairs. They had sold their previous one for $3K. Every
auction I have ever gone to has always had some clueless bidders bidding
pricing up to the point where knowledgable bidders just laugh (and cry!)
This debate surfaces every so ofter, and I continue to look at selling
prices where there a number of buyers (such as ebay) as a place to watch re:
the final pricing.


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> writes:
> I would disagree with this as part of the continuing education in any
> collectable field is having some idea of what the market value is, and
> ebay
> certainly provides some guidance in that regard! >>
> Well, i'd be willing to argue that. i dont think i would consider ebay to
> set
> current market prices for anything. i have a friend who uses it, and he
> said
> it's great for the seller if one is selling anything quasi-rare or semi-
> unusual as the manic bidders want to outdo themselves and drive the prices
> way
> up. he said i should sell my apple //c lcd screen on ebay as he said one
> went
> for almost $400. besides, i have seen prices there fluctuate wildly
> anyway.

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