Burroughs B27?

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Thu Apr 9 08:56:52 1998

Doug Yowza wrote:

> > On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, Russ Blakeman wrote:
> > > should see a series of periods showing activity in logging to the server. If
> > > that stops then it's not connecting.
> Then what? All I got was the terminal (which I wrongly thought was a
> standard RS-232 terminal -- it appears to be much smarter and more tightly
> integrated than that) and the CPU module (plus an internal RAM expansion
> card).
> Can I do anything else besides stare at the following message:
> Burroughs Corporation
> R 1.1.0000 B27-CLS FM
> ***************

I never got very deep into them other than helping our CSO or just using it. My
memory serves me as the terminals being dedicated to the server. That's why I gave
you the email address of someone that was a CSO for the Burroughs.

> > I have several modules, including a couple hard drive modules and a way
> > cool "Voice Processing" module I picked up on Sunday for a buck (I can't
> > wait to figure out what it actually does...I imagine its some sort of
> > voicemail module which would be too cool).
> A "couple" of hard disks, as in "one extra"? :-)

You didn't get a hard disk module? The unit is about 10 inches wide with that. I've
never seen a voice processor on ours but it sounds like something neat to tinker

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