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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Apr 9 09:01:37 1998

Marvin wrote:

> I guess this would depend on how the market perceives the pricing as seen on
> ebay. The Altairs that recently sold there for about $1.5K seemed extremely
> reasonable to me considering I was contacted a while back by someone wanting
> to buy one of my Altairs. They had sold their previous one for $3K. Every
> auction I have ever gone to has always had some clueless bidders bidding
> pricing up to the point where knowledgable bidders just laugh (and cry!)
> This debate surfaces every so ofter, and I continue to look at selling
> prices where there a number of buyers (such as ebay) as a place to watch re:
> the final pricing.

Dang...I was at a local scrap yard (they bust things down and sell the different
materials) and there was an Altair faceplate (smashed up and unuseable) laying
in the top of the bin of steel. I wonder if the person that "donated" it to the
scrapper knew what he or she had before they did this terrible
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