what is a Vax Station 2000?

From: Roger Ivie <IVIE_at_cc.usu.edu>
Date: Thu Apr 9 18:36:31 1998

> They are not CPU upgradable, but you can add expansion
> memory out to 16MB, an 8 port async serial board (thats the big DB
> connector that doesn't go anywhere) and a sync serial port.

Sorry, the big DB that doesn't go anywhere is used to add another MFM
hard disk. It contains the control and data signals for the second drive.
I've not seen the 8-port option, but I believe it plugs in place of the
color graphics board.

> The SCSI port was only supported for the TKZ50 tape drive, an
> old 95MB DLT type drive, although I think there was a 3rd party SCSI
> disk driver from Trimarchi (now out of business).

Gerhard Moeller (I believe that's his name) has hacked over the SCSI driver
for the MicroVAX 3100 to bring it up on the 2000. I've used the driver under
VMS 7.1 to speak to a tape drive (this gives me a nice little package to take on
travel; a 2000 with an RD32 and a TZ30). Since it's a full-up SCSI port driver,
it can be used to support anything VMS knows how to talk to; disks, tapes,
etc. I've heard of one fellow who is using a 2000 to burn CDs.

I suggest looking around on dejanews for discussion of Moeller's driver.

> The VAXstation had a
> graphics display for a non-standard monitor.

All 2000s include a monochrome display built into the motherboard. It is also
possible to add on a color display. Rumor has it that it is not impossible
to use both displays simultaneously, but I've never tried it (my color
monitors have died over the years).

Roger Ivie
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