Rabbit 286 ????

From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_uswest.net>
Date: Thu Apr 9 17:28:10 1998

> Today I bought three portable PCs marked "Rabbit 286". They're about
>the size of a large lunch box and have a keyboard that fastens against one
>side. When you remove the keyboard it uncovers a gas plasma screen. There
>are slots for two 3.5 drives on the right hand side and a door on the left
>side. Opening the door exposes the back of several expansion card slots.
>There's a label on the bottom that says "Chicony Electronics Co.", "Model
>286G-A", "Gas Plasma Display" and "640H x 400W Dots". One almost works, one
>is dead and the third one is somewhere in between. Does anyone know
>anything about these? I'm wondering if it's possible to put a small 386 or
>486 mother board in these.
Intersting... Well, you probably can put a newer board in, but it
depends... What you have to do is take the entire thing apart and see what
it has right now, it may be an odd shape... Since you have three of them, I
would say fix up one of them to the normal 286 config, and then use the
other two to make one or two upgraded versions, depending on what's wrong
with them. Sounds like fun...

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