what is a Vax Station 2000?

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Thu Apr 9 21:24:42 1998

< Cool. I have one of these (a uVAX2000) but the harddrive is going on i
<(I think something is loose inside and rattling around).

Maybe the power cord to the disk?

<> They can take RX33(1.2mb)
<> floppy and or any MFM drive like RD31(20mb st225), RD32(40mb st251),
<> RD52(quantum D540 31mb), RD53 (micropolus1325 71mb) or RD54(maxtor 2990
<> 159mb).
< I have seveal MFM drives here, but what are the Seagate equivilents to
<RD line? I have an ST-4051, ST-251, ST-277r-1, ST-4038 and one unknown o
<(made by Mitsubishi, has at least 4 heads and 904 cylinders and the only
<marking I see is TKS 56704).

The st251 is an rd32. The rest I don't know.

It can format drives too! the command is test70.

< Finding information about the Seagates isn't hard (as Seagate has all t
<information on their web site) but I'm curious as to the equivilents to t
<RD line.

I listed the rd#, the maufacturer and the model.

< Do you know offhand if that comes with a development system (say, a C
<compiler? Or even just headers?)

VMS is fairly loaded, editors, MACRO32, BASIC, DCL(the command line
language is as complex as some of the 8bit basics!), various language
libraries (C, Fortran, Macro). DECwindows is part of the OS as is
DECnet. Also DECwindows server, latserver and software to manage
the system, accounts, networks.

VMS as supplied is a complete working OS and environment and anything but
minimal in the pieces supplied. I've done entire network projects using
nothing but DCL scripts!

The first software to download for VMS is CMUip (I think the cdrom has it)
so that IP connections can managed). I'm sure there are suitable C
compilers in the free/shareware domain.

Most people have little knowledge of what VMS is. It's a multiuser,
multitasking OS designed for robust applications with high security.
What isn't mentioned is it's also a user enviornment, development
system and a aplications platform all rolled into one. It also has
the advantage of 20 years of development history with V7.1 being current
but any version between 5.4 and 6.1 covered under the hobby license. I
run 5.4 and 5.5 as it's as good as any and they are all good.

An advantage for the non unix user is DCL is like DOS command lines to
the user and most of the basic facilities are similar though richer

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