what is a Vax Station 2000?

From: Captain Napalm <spc_at_armigeron.com>
Date: Thu Apr 9 21:43:56 1998

It was thus said that the Great Allison J Parent once stated:
> < Cool. I have one of these (a uVAX2000) but the harddrive is going on i
> <(I think something is loose inside and rattling around).
> Maybe the power cord to the disk?

  Nope. It's IN the hard drive (I've taken the VAX2000 apart (a pain, but
not as bad as the Tandy 6000s).

> Most people have little knowledge of what VMS is. It's a multiuser,
> multitasking OS designed for robust applications with high security.

  It can also handle realtime requirements (I'm somewhat familiar with VMS,
having used it in college. I'm just curious as to what the hobby
distribution of VMS includes).

  -spc (More of a software guy than a hardware guy)
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