eBay = Mkt Value? (was: my objection to recent postings)

From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Fri Apr 10 19:34:02 1998

At 09:35 AM 4/10/98 -0700, you wrote:
>> As to whether prices on eBay represent what experienced, knowledgeable
>> collectors will pay, that's another story.
>Exactly my point. I'd rather base valuations on what experienced,
>knowledgeable collectors will pay. People who have a better idea of how

My point too. There's a big difference in "market value" and "collector
value". (Don't believe me, buy a "collectible" plate sometime, or coins
from a TV shopping channel.) Market value is what the average idiot will
pay, at auction or elsewhere. Collector value is what an informed
collector will pay, based on rarity, significance, etc.

I've got books on disney, hot wheels/corgi/dinky/matchbox/etc., glassware,
collectible board games, and so on (used to be in the business, kinda) and
I am often amazed at what things sell for, at auction, at antique shows, in
stores, as well as at garage sales, flea markets, and so on. Heck, Hake's
is one of the biggest value setters in the US of pricing on Disney,
politicals, advertising, and so on stuff, but still, a lot of collectors
(me included) think their prices are inflated. Market value versus
collector value.

>> That's a tough call. Do you sell it to someone who will use it and
>> appreciate it for what you paid for it, or do you put it on eBay so you can
>> pay the property taxes? I haven't got an answer to that one yet.
>I do...sell it to me :)

Ah, but... Say I'm a newbie to the group (and don't take this
personally!), how do I know that if I sell you my //c LCD screen for $20, I
won't see it listed on eBay next week with a starting bid of $400?

And even though I know you wouldn't do that, I still not that easy. As an
example, I've got two SE/30 motherboards, brand new, in the Apple Service
boxes. I know some people here expressed interest in them, so I should
probably offer them here, cheaply. The problem is, they're actually part
of the Mac stuff allocated to my girlfriend's school. If I sold them on
eBay, I might get enough to buy a complete, working IIci system to put into
the classroom for the kids to use. What do I do?

And even if they weren't going to the school, I wasn't able to take my dad
and niece to Disneyland this year because I can't afford it. If I sold
them on eBay, that would pay for part of a cheap trip to Dland.

Like I said, tough call.

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