eBay = Mkt Value? (was: my objection to recent postings)

From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_wco.com>
Date: Fri Apr 10 20:50:37 1998

On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, Uncle Roger wrote:

> And even though I know you wouldn't do that, I still not that easy. As an
> example, I've got two SE/30 motherboards, brand new, in the Apple Service
> boxes. I know some people here expressed interest in them, so I should
> probably offer them here, cheaply. The problem is, they're actually part
> of the Mac stuff allocated to my girlfriend's school. If I sold them on
> eBay, I might get enough to buy a complete, working IIci system to put into
> the classroom for the kids to use. What do I do?

Whatever suits your situation best is what you should do. In the end, its
what you want to do, not what others say you should do. I don't think
anyone should feel an absolute obligation to give us folks here first
crack at what you have to sell. It would be nice, but realistically, some
people may simply need the money and will want to get the most they can.
Its not always possible, and it shouldn't be required, to justify your

This spring when I hold the Vintage Computer Festival auction, whereby all
proceeds will go towards bills for VCF2, you bet your ass I'll want to get
as much as I can for the stuff I will auction. In this case though, since
I'm not fond of the way Ebay auctions work, I'll be using my own auction
software running on my ISPs server. But if I didn't feel so strongly that
Ebay's auction sucks, you bet I'd be listing everything on there. Putting
on an event like the VCF costs lots of money, and I know there would be a
frenzy on Ebay that would probably net me enough money to fund the whole

> And even if they weren't going to the school, I wasn't able to take my dad
> and niece to Disneyland this year because I can't afford it. If I sold
> them on eBay, that would pay for part of a cheap trip to Dland.

Its your stuff. You have a right to do with it as you please, and you owe
it to yourself to do what your situation dictates.

Offering stuff for sale to us folks first before going to Ebay is noble
and appreciated, but I hope nobody will hold it against anyone else for
going straight to Ebay. Everyone's situation is different.

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